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Your employees work hard for you, don't leave them vulnerable. We offer voluntary benefits at no cost to the employer through Aflac. If you aren't an employer, no worries. We offer individual options as well!

Why Aflac?

It's more than just a cute duck

  • It's different from health insurance, it's insurance for daily living.

  • It doesn't cost the company anything to offer to its employees.

  • We help with copays and deductibles.

  • It is an extra measure of financial protection which we all need now more than ever!

  • We pay cash benefits (unless otherwise assigned)to spend as you see fit.

  • We will never increase rates.

  • We pay claims quickly, typically within 5 days and we make claims easy to file.

  • We pay you benefits even when you are healthy.

  • We are affordable!

Oh yeah, did we mention.... we have a duck!

The Answer is

Voluntary Benefits

More than half of the country's employers provide voluntary insurance,

take an extra step for your employees:

No Cost to the


Employer Tax



Benefit Package



Aflac policies are 100% employee-paid and are available on a voluntary basis. Many companies choose to make Aflac policies available as a cost-effective solution to help employees with the rising out-of-pocket health care expenses.

Aflac's tax-advantaged plans allow employees to use pretax dollars to pay for their policies. When you lower the taxable income of your participating employees, you may also reduce your overall share of the FICA and FUTA taxes.

Employees can select coverage relevant to their circumstances and build a benefits plan tailored to their specific needs.

Aflac insurance policies pay cash benefits regardless of any other health coverage helping cover deductibles, copayments and other unexpected expenses. Policyholders can use the money wherever it's needed most.

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