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An insurance broker can put together a portfolio of insurance policies for your auto, home, business, and life that are the best mix for your personal situation. Through a mix of companies, or even having all your policies with one company and receiving a multi-policy discount, an independent insurance broker can find you the best deal from many companies.


Purchasing policies through an independent insurance broker means you have a better chance of the agent finding the best policy for your situation. They will get paid no matter which company you are placed with. If you call your local insurance company that represents only one company they will try and sell you that policy no matter what the rate is since they can’t shop around for you. Many online insurance quotes are from insurance brokers.


If you receive a renewal on your auto or homeowner’s insurance and the premium has increased dramatically, your insurance broker will probably know why that happened and will shop your policy around to see if you can get a better rate with a different company they represent.

No calls, no obligation.

Simply fill out the information and receive your quote via email.

Please note: If you currently have an insurance policy, the most efficient                way to get accurate, comparable rates is to submit your current policy via email.

"Insurance with that personal touch."

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